Ways To Open A Computer Case Safety
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Ways To Open A Computer Case Safety


There is always the idea that you need an antistatic strap before opening a computer case. This is undoubtedly the safest way to open the computer case, but there are other options. If you have an anti-static wrist strap, I suggest you use it, but do not panic if you do not have one. All I had to do was to remove a couple of screws from the back and slide the side of the case backwards, away from the front. This is the best computer case open, because they are very obvious and easy. Some computer case, I tried to open an absolute nightmare. The case of some computer manufacturers it so difficult to open the computer case, I could not believe it. You need to enter a magician.

How to open the computer case safely with the right tools

1. Removing all power cord is connected to the mid tower case. 2. This includes cable, modems, printers, and all are waiting for a few seconds, the electric blades motherboard. 3. Make sure your hands are clean and absolutely dry. Remove all jewelry. 4. Open your computer's case by loosening or unclipping. If you have questions, please refer to the instructions in your computer manual. Older computer can be difficult to open. In a safe place, do not let any screws or spare parts. 5. In order to protect your computer from stored in your body's static electricity (ESD) computer case to discharge any static electricity, touch unpainted metal part. Or, if you have an anti-static grounding line, use it. This will prevent the destruction of static-sensitive components. (Memory, graphics card, motherboard) 6. Alright. Now, you have your computer's internal preparatory work.

Computer Case Manufacturer

Open the computer chassis screws

As the computer case supplier says, you need to make sure you take the correct screws. If you look at the picture below the arrows are pointing to the screws that are holding the sides of the computer case on. Metal part screws, but they are holding the computer components. For example, I have been saved to the computer's power supply screws circled in the picture below. The arrow pointing to the screws, you need to remove.

Before you start removing screws, take a good look at the computer. In the picture below you can see where all the plugs go into the back of the computer with all the colored port. This means that the motherboard was sitting on the side of the computer. Therefore, the computer you want to access, you will want to open the opposite side. If of the open side of the motherboard laying tablet you will face the back of the motherboard and there is no way to work on the computer. Therefore, in the picture below, I will remove the right to the side of. After removing the screws, the party can simply back toward me.

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