Things To Consider Before Choosing Computer Cases
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Things To Consider Before Choosing Computer Cases


Choosing a right computer case for yourself isn't very easy, and there are many factors that you will have to take into account like will my computer case still fit the latest parts in several years, is there enough space for my CPU cooler, fan slots, HDD slots and so on!

Appeal to your personal taste, you must begin to choose a computer case, you do not want it unsightly things you regret. Once you find one that looks good to you, then there are some other attributes of the computer case, you should be aware of.

The former USB/3.5mm jack

Front USB and 3.5mm jack? It almost does not make any sense to have a computer case while there is no front USB and 3.5mm jacks. They are both handy for connecting digital cameras, Bluetooth / wireless adapter, plug in your headphones and download images. This allows you to avoid pulling the computer searches in the port on the back, especially if you only have a small space in a blue. Almost all motherboards have ports for the front and the rear.


How can the motherboard be installed? If possible, try to find a case with a removable backplane installed, and you will find that in most cases, these days the function. The backplane the case can be removed to install the motherboard, remove the motherboard to provide you with more work space smaller percentage of error, have the ability to, and you only need to remember that you must backplane. Interactive installation in a computer case, a removable motherboard backplane cramped, it is difficult to see what you are doing with you head to block the light, found her torch in your mouth. Of course, if the computer case is a complete column, then it may not be necessary that it has a removable backplane. Removable backplane feature becomes more important, if the computer case is a mini-ATX or just really old.

Computer Case Manufacturer

What kind of motherboard do you have? There's serveral sorts of motherboards that are made to fit certain cases and do certian jobs. The major form factors: Micro ATX specifications ATX (usually referred to as ATX) and Extended ATX. Every computer case, motherboard form factor should be accepted. If the situation does not Help which motherboard appearance, it is accepted that it's the best mobile, you buy a computer case does not fit your motherboard to run the risk. Most of the physical measurements motherboard is unimportant. As long as the factors in the case and motherboard match the form, then you should install without problems, because let's face it, no one will do a full ATX system, not suitable motherboard!

Power Supply

And power supply situation, size, what is it? You need to ask yourself this important question, because most of the supply time will be too small, your application unless you are running a mini-ATX system, then it is always ideal to find a power has been inside. A good power supply is necessary such as 450w atx power supply. Have an undersized power may result in unstable computer operation, most frequently expressed, frequent restart.

CPU Cooler

Will your CPU cooler fit in that case? These days most CPU Cooler 150mm high, most mid-tower ATX chassis is only 140 mm wide, if you also add additional chassis fans, it can prove to cause a problem. Simply measure the width does not work, you will also be installed in the top CPU on the motherboard, so it's best to be safe and measure it and take at least 3cm off.


Will the physical dimensions of the computer case fit into your location? Be sure to choose any space inside your computer that you specify as a computer case. As a computer case supplier says, pay close attention to the overall height, width, and depth. You need to take your case, in one place, it will not overheat and your all your parts clogging internal dust does not build a new city. has been dedicated to developing and producing computer peripherals - PC Case, Switching Power Supply, Multimedia Speakers, Mouse and Keyboard, etc.